Varanger Sami Museum

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The museum's main goal is to document and convey the Coastal Sami cultural history in Finnmark, with emphasis on the Varanger area, as well as emphasizing the documentation and dissemination of Sami history, contemporary and "duoji" (sami handicrafts).

Heritage area Ceavccegeađge/ Mortensnes is mediated by Varanger Sami Museum. The Museum organizes guided tours and information can be obtained by contacting the museum. The heritage area is unique in Europe and contains traces of ancient people from the past 10,000 years. By following the adapted culture trail, one can see and learn more about the ruins, Sami sacrificial sites, tombs, sacrificial stones, etc.

Open every day from 10 - 18 (from June 21st - August 23rd)

Outside summer season: Monday - Friday 10.00 - 15.00

Exhibition "Luondo" - Sacred Landscapes. An exhibition in the information- hallway Ceavccegeađge/ Mortensnes heritage area. The exhibition is about Sami faith and mythology, and especially about the mythical landscapes and the Sami understanding of nature. Open during summer.

Bird shed

There is a bird shed set up at the beach below the museum in Varangerbotn for those who want to study birds in the protected area at the head of the fjord.

  • Ceavccageadge (Foto av Varanger Samiske Museum)
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    Varanger Sami Museum is located in the center of Varangerbotn.