Vesterelvjenta M/S

Nesseby - Outdoor Activities - Spa and Sauna

Vesterelvjenta offers fishing in the fish-and-species-rich Varanger Fjord. In the mighty Arctic Ocean you can fish cod, pollock, catfish, halibut and the exotic king crab, or just enjoy the unique arctic environment. During summertime the sea offers the midnight sun, and nights as bright as the day. In winter, you have views over fjords and snow- covered plains in a stuning blue light that only exists in Finnmark.

You can also rent a boat, an Uttern 510 with 50 hp 4 stroke engine for  5 persons. The boat is equipped with safety equipment and a chart plotter. 200 euro pr day, including 20 l gasoline and oil.

Possibility to rent fishing equipment too.

Floating sauna 

Your sauna experience begins with a short boat trip to the raft.  The sauna is waiting for you in a shelthered bay at the Varanger fjord.

There is room for six persons in the sauna. If you dare, you can take a refreshing dip in the Arctic Ocean.  Temperature in the sea is about 1-4 degrees Celsius. Afterwards you can just chill out on the terrace  or for example have a barbeque. 

You can combine the unique sauna experience with a king crab safari and a fishing trip at M/S Vesterelvjenta.

  • Vesterelvjenta (Foto av Edgar Olsen)
  • fiske (Foto av Edgar Olsen)
  • Kongekrabbesafari (Foto av Edgar Olsen)
  • Vesterelvjenta (Foto av Edgar Olsen)
  • Fiske (Foto av Edgar Olsen)
  • Fisketur (Foto av Edgar Olsen)
  • Floating sauna (Foto av Vesterelvjenta)
  • Floating sauna (Foto av Vesterelvjenta)