Varjjat Holiday and Leisure

Nesseby - Accomodation and Camping - Bird Watching - Outdoor Activities - Spa and Sauna

Rent a house with a family room, a double and a single room - a total of nine beds. The house is on the seafront and is a good starting point for hunting and fishing, both on sea, river and water. The place is also excellent for bird watching. Varjjat Holiday and Leisure also offers boat rental and guided tours on request. Sauna available.

  • Snack Bar (Foto av Kate Utsi)


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  • Phone: +47 926 53 086
  • Post Adress: Meskelv, 9840 Varangerbotn
  • Visit Adress: Meskelv, Nesseby
  • How to get there
    Varjjat Holiday and Leisure is located in Meskelv, about 5 km from Varangerbotn to Vadsø.